What Is Trap Yoga? Meaning & Effects

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What is trap yoga, to begin with?

Basically, it’s a vinyasa-style yoga flow paired with trap music (a type of hip hop infused with heavy bass and rhythmic beats) specifically curated for her class by DJ TrueStarr.

With Floyd-Mayo’s vivacious energy and distinctive motivational style—which she refers to as “ratchet affirmations”—that provides practical guidance and inspiration, you’ve got a full-body workout.

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What Does Trap Yoga Mean?

Trap music is a subgenre of hip-hop that first appeared in the south of the United States. Trap yoga is a particular type of yoga class that combines the physical asana practice with trap music. A Washington, D.C., resident named Brandon Copeland-based yoga instructor, is credited with developing the practice.

According to Copeland, the reason he started teaching yoga was to emphasize the African American community while also promoting mindfulness and the practice’s transformative power. In order to draw African American men to yoga, he created trap yoga. See more about Yoga Sculpt.

Your Inner Ratchet Is Released In Trap Yoga 

Yoga classes are generally not my favorite thing. Before learning about Trap Yoga and reawakening my inner ratchet, I tried the last one and practically ran out of the room in tears. Trap Yoga is a form of vinyasa yoga that is taught under the inspirational and affable Yoga Bae, who is from Oakland and primarily teaches her nationally touring class in San Francisco.

You may have heard the word namaste, but did you know that chanting “Without having to take any pills, can Percocets, Molly, Percocets, and Future’s “Mask Off” be very effective at relieving stress? It’s just one of the many lessons learned at Trap Yoga, along with the ability to say no to “fuckbois” and the knowledge that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s sharp tongues can help you execute the downward dog, which Yoga Bae calls “the favorite pose of all the freak hoes.”

“Trap Yoga sounds gimmicky, and on the surface, it kind of is, but I’ve also never had so much fun in a group class…”

As you may have guessed, Yoga Bae has a great sense of humor and uses a lot of profanity in her classes, but she also makes sure you work hard on your asses and titties. Although she teaches traditional poses and flows, the overall tempo is quick and helped by lots of bass.

You might occasionally, but not always, get some twerking instruction for extra credit. In order to make you smile, laugh, and not take anything too seriously, Yoga Bae might also come your way and pop her booty in front of you. She warns you not to leave the class until you have received three to five hugs from your fellow classmates. After an hour of focusing solely on your own appearance and being told to “mind your own effing business” regarding observing or evaluating anyone else’s performance, this is a truly wonderful and bonding experience.

Trap Yoga sounds gimmicky, and on the surface, it kind of is, but I haven’t had this much fun in a group class in ages, and I’ll be back. Therefore, it was very successful. A great way to keep people interested and motivated to keep going after they get tired is by playing upbeat music. There are far too few places in the world that foster an environment where people of all sizes and backgrounds are welcome, like Yoga Bae does.

What Is Trap Yoga Meaning & Effects
What Is Trap Yoga? Meaning & Effects

You Have To Take Off Your Shoes & Socks To Do Yoga

I was aware of the issue with the shoes, so I was surprised when she advised me to take my socks off for better grip. I now have the feet of a sixty-year-old factory worker who plays field goals for an arena league, semi-pro football team on the weekends while wearing steel-toed boots five days a week. I wanted to tell her that I was still using my winter lotion, which has a higher viscosity for thermal protection, but I just quietly complied.

She just showed me how to breathe as we began in a position known as the “police is about to arrest you” pose. Cash insisted that I breathe deeply and slowly, seemingly unaware that my lungs might have been harmed by air pollution, poor air quality, and a period of time when I “experimented” with inhaling certain herbal products when I was younger. I noticed that I wasn’t quite able to flex my back as much as she was when we smoothly transitioned to the downward Snoop Doggy position. She was in the position of a cursive U, whereas I was more in a downward coffee table pose. My breathing was still off.


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Trap yoga was developed to offer a friendly environment for newcomers who might feel awkward in a traditional class’s silence or in a class with music that doesn’t reflect their culture. Trap yoga is also intended to empower yogis and encourage wellness. Men are more likely to attend trap yoga classes, but women also find the class enjoyable.

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