How To Add Meditations To Spotify? A Complete Tutorial

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Using your Spotify account to meditate is a great way to fit some into your day. Meditation can help you feel less stressed and anxious. For a dose of relaxation, add guided meditation to your playlists or tune into meditation podcasts; you don’t even need to download or subscribe to any other apps because you can use the app you already own: Spotify.

But, how to add meditations to Spotify? Explore meditation with Spotify’s playlists, check out meditation artists on Spotify, and listen to meditation podcasts.

In the post, I’ll show you more in-depth details.

Explore Meditation With Spotify’s Playlists

Try out Spotify’s curated playlists to get started with their meditation content. Numerous guided meditations and soothing music tracks can aid in enhancing your current meditation routine or establishing a new one. Pick a track and give it a go if you’re new to meditation. The narrator will typically guide you through each step of the procedure.

You can select meditations that focus on a particular subject or goal. For instance, a 6-hour Guided Meditation Spotify playlist includes tracks about cultivating gratitude, regaining focus, coping with stress, and relieving anxiety. You can also find a lot of body scan meditations to aid in conscious, intentional relaxation.

For your solo meditation sessions, there are a ton of additional Spotify playlists with bells, chants, and calming music. Whether you want a voice guiding you through a breathing practice, or you want to chill with Healing Harps music on Spotify while you take a break for a few minutes, the service’s meditation playlists are worth exploring.

Check Out Meditation Artists On Spotify

Many artists produce meditation-related content, and their work is definitely worth listening to. It can be especially rewarding to listen to meditation content created by an artist you already like, similar to how you might naturally gravitate toward a favorite band or singer.

It may be simpler to immediately enter a meditative state when you are accustomed to their voice and style of meditation. Explore other artists who are producing content in this world in addition to the artists listed below.

The Honest Guys

Since 2009, The Honest Guys have been producing guided meditations for their over 1 million YouTube subscribers. Their most popular songs on Spotify include a track for deep relaxation, one for sleep, and one for waking up in the morning. The work of The Honest Guys will appeal to people who like calming narration accompanied by calming music tracks.

Davina Ho

Yoga and meditation instructor Davina Ho crafts positive-focused meditations. These meditations, which typically last between 5 and 10 minutes, cover a variety of topics including gratitude, anxiety relief, and empathy.

When you first wake up, it’s especially nice to listen to the guided meditation track, “Starting the Day Positively.” You can set the tone for your day after an alarm clock app shakes you from sleep.

Rising Higher Meditation

Rising Higher Meditation should be on your radar if affirmations are your thing. This creator specializes in gratitude, relaxation, and visualization meditations.

How To Add Meditations To Spotify A Complete Tutorial
How To Add Meditations To Spotify? A Complete Tutorial

Listen To Meditation Podcasts

Listen To The Meditation On Self-love Podcast

Ya Rose, the narrator, leads you through affirmations and self-love meditations to help you develop confidence. The podcast’s episodes each have a different theme that ranges from self-esteem development to anxiety reduction to healing.

Play The 12-minute Meditation

A different narrator reflects on nature, compassion, and self-acceptance in each episode. For someone who hardly has time for anything, they are all about 12 minutes long.

Listen To The Daily Meditation Podcast

This podcast offers a variety of meditation techniques, such as visualizations, body scans, and loving-kindness meditations. Each episode lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and covers a wide range of subjects, including uncertainty, mental toughness, and generosity.

Watch Hay House Meditations On Youtube

This podcast from a publishing company features commentary from a variety of writers and intellectuals, including Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Bernie Siegel. You’ll not only discover a new favorite author but also reflect on topics like sound sleep, deep breathing, and self-healing.

Listen To Mindful In Minutes

This podcast’s episodes last around 20 minutes each and cover a variety of meditation techniques. For example, you can listen to an episode while walking, sleeping, or taking a shower.

Check Out Mindfulness For Beginners

This podcast’s episodes are set in real-world scenarios, so you can meditate with your animal companion and learn to let go of regrets, or you can unwind while you’re out and about. This podcast’s narrator, Shaun Donaghy, guides you through common difficulties with meditation.

Play Relaxing Tracks

This extensive collection of tracks for naps and deep sleeps claims that if you listen, you’ll nod off more quickly and stay asleep longer. New tracks are added every Wednesday and Saturday.

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Find Audiobooks And Non-music Content On Spotify

Spotify’s Word Category

The majority of Spotify’s non-musical content is located in the Word category, which is listed at the bottom of the Browse page. There are numerous playlists in the Word section, including ones with poetry, well-known speeches, college lectures, language-learning exercises, literature, guided meditation, self-help material, and more.

To access content from the Word genre:

  • Open Spotify on a desktop and choose Browse from the menu on the left. (Select “Search” from the mobile app.)
  • The Word category can be found by scrolling to the bottom.
  • Choose Word, and Spotify will show you the most popular spoken-word playlists right now.
  • Enjoy your spoken word choices as you search for content that interests you.

More Audiobooks

Within the Word section, there is a Spotify playlist for audiobooks. To find more audiobook content, search “audiobooks” from the home page’s search box. You can find a ton of musicians, albums, and playlists by scrolling down.

Many more audiobook choices become available when you choose an artist, album, or playlist.

Instead of navigating through the different playlists, use Spotify’s search bar to quickly find a specific title.


You can listen to your preferred podcasts on Spotify or browse the platform’s selection to discover new ones because it has thousands of podcasts available.

To find or browse podcasts in Spotify:

  • Open Spotify on your desktop and choose Browse from the menu on the left. (Tap Search in the mobile application.)
  • Select Podcasts.
  • You can scroll down to browse by category or explore different playlists, or you can view featured podcast episodes.
  • To begin listening, simply hover over the cover image and click the Play button. Alternatively, you can click the podcast’s name to view more episodes.

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