How To Meditate With Crystals? How To Choose The Crystals?

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As accent pieces give home d├ęcor an earthy feel, crystals and stones are becoming more and more popular. The use of crystals for esoteric purposes has also gained popularity.

For thousands of years, various cultures have used crystals in their healing and meditation rituals. Do crystals have the ability to heal, though?

Carol Boote, a crystal healer, and trained meditation instructor says the answer is true.

A high state of consciousness can be attained through various forms of meditation, which have been practiced for thousands of years. Crystals have also been used for protection and healing.

She thinks that crystals can alter consciousness.

Crystals can help you meditate more deeply, give you something to focus on, and increase your consciousness and awareness of your higher self.

What is Crystal Meditation?

Modern thought holds that crystals have healing, protective, and conscious mind-tuning properties. Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome were all influenced by the abilities of these crystals.

Crystal healers assert that crystals have special abilities despite the lack of scientific evidence to support this. While crystals can aid in concentration and visualization during meditation, meditation is still effective with just you and a willingness to achieve a certain level of peace and focus on yourself.

Using crystals while meditating can:

  • Improve your practice of meditation
  • Raise your consciousness and awareness
  • Deepen your spiritual insight

How to Meditate With Crystals

Know the Usage.

Use the crystals that will best support whatever it is you want to accomplish during meditation. Use crystals with healing properties if you’re going to use them for healing.

Set the Atmosphere.

Making the right environment for meditation will aid in concentration. The quality of your meditation will depend on the environment, including the temperature, lighting, and sounds you choose. You can choose to keep yourself relaxed by listening to music or using soothing sounds.

Use Your Body.

A crucial aspect of usage is placing your crystals correctly. The areas of your body that are linked to your chakras can be covered with crystals while you are lying down. The third-eye chakra, located on your forehead directly between your eyes, is the most popular location for crystal placement. The grounding chakra aids in this.

Take Your Time.

By using crystals and their placement, take your time during meditation and pay attention to how your body feels. Keep in mind to relax and position yourself comfortably so you can meditate for a longer period of time.

How To Meditate With Crystals? How To Choose The Crystals?

Methods to Meditate With Crystals

Hold Them in Your Hands

The simplest way to incorporate crystals into your practice is to simply hold them in your hands while meditating. This hassle-free connection enables you to have direct physical contact with your crystals and is a real option that invites energy sharing and vibrational raising.

Place Them on Your Chakras

Every type of crystal has a relationship with a specific chakra in the human body. The flow of energy from head to toe that passes through us is controlled by the seven energy points on the body. Our alignment can be disrupted if one of these chakras or energy points is blocked. Crystals ensure the release of any associated trauma and assist in removing any stagnant energy that might be the source of the blocks. During meditation, place crystals on these chakra points and concentrate on allowing the energetic force to help you regain a sense of wholeness and harmony.

Make a Crystal Grid

You can also arrange crystals in a grid around you if you prefer to keep your body free of them while you meditate so that you won’t be disturbed. As you sit or lie down on the floor, arrange your gems in a circle around you. This will not only provide you with a forcefield of protection but also a high vibrational shield that will take your practice to a whole new level of well-being and acceptance of your higher self.

Choosing the Best Crystals for Your Meditation


It’s essential for lifting your spirits during meditation because this higher-thinking stone is as sweet as peaches and cream. Selenite can come in and expel any negative or stagnant energy you may have been carrying if you have been feeling particularly heavy. The release is what selenite is all about, so it gets to work on blockages and raises your vibration. Selenite is unquestionably the stone to sit with for those seeking a meditation session that is all about peace, balance, and effecting a change.


Get rooted and savor the shield of defense that Obsidian brings to your meditation space. This sinister-looking and sinfully delicious crystal can quickly clear the clutter and is a sponge for negativity. The ability of obsidian to completely anchor you is one of its most valuable gifts. When meditating, it is crucial to remain rooted, in touch with our inner selves, and in the here and now because doing so keeps us secure and in the moment. Obsidian also provides courage for those times when we are prepared to do the shadow work while still remaining safe.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stunning meditation tool because it is brimming with gentle, warm, and loving energy. This precious stone is all about giving off an aura of calmness, love, and compassion. Rose quartz is an expert at eradicating unkind thoughts and bringing you back to kindness for those nearby and, most importantly, for yourself. Rose Quartz helps you get there during those focused meditation sessions when you want to widen your heart, trust in love, and simply live a more kind and loving life.


Sunny Citrine is the dreamy dose of Vitamin D you need if you start your meditation practice feeling low on energy. This yellow variety of quartz is king when it comes to inspiring hope and joy because it is filled with sparkling bright and sunny vibes. Citrine ought to unquestionably be the center of attention during any meditation sessions during which you hope to call in wealth and make your desires come true.


Tourmaline is one of those amazing gemstones that you can’t pinpoint, but it definitely adds a serious dose of positivity to your meditation practice. Pink tourmaline will fill you with gentle joys and sweepings of self-love, while Black tourmaline will keep you firmly grounded and protected. Tourmaline also functions universally with all the chakras, making it an excellent stone to use when you want to feel balanced and in alignment from root to crown.

How To Meditate With Crystals? How To Choose The Crystals?


Aquamarine is a shimmering stone of blue and green that tempts you to dive in headfirst and is all about going with the flow. Aquamarine can be a wonderful crystal to bring into your meditation practice if you feel like you always try to “heavy hand” your meditation direction or if you find it difficult to just “let things go.” This gem invites you to first and foremost listen to your own voice because it is a stone of communication and courage. It croons a siren song of peace and prophecy, two qualities that are indispensable for any mindful practice.


Labradorite, a mysterious stone with flaming colors, stimulates the imagination. This crystal with aurora-like patterns is an echo of the past and a gem that aspires to elevate your consciousness as far as you dare. Although labradorite does have a dreamy quality, this doesn’t mean that it won’t help you stay connected to and grounded in the present because it is a very stabilizing stone. This multifaceted stone is known for guiding you through the doors of transformation for those who want their meditation practice to include creativity, adventure, memory, and illumination.

Clear Quartz

The master healer is a name given to this icy bright starlight stone. The light of clear quartz stays with you long after your meditation has ended. This sweet gem is all about mind-clearing. Think of Clear Quartz as a spring cleaning for your mind, body, and spirit. This stone is particularly effective at preventing the monkey mind from running amok during the performance. Clear Quartz removes the clutter and leaves you with nothing but the gleaming truth of pure direction if you have been feeling disorganized, uncoordinated, or unable to follow through.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, a stone of truth and awareness, is adept at assisting you in entering that inner world during meditation. Lapis is a stone for the third eye chakra that is blue and gold in color. It awakens your intuition and guides you through the depths of your own soul. While Lapis plays with awareness, it’s also all about authenticity and having the courage to be wholly you. This stone can be a mirror to turn to, especially during meditation, for those who feel like they are hiding their truths.


With the gleaming Amethyst stone for the crown chakra, purple pleasures are waiting to welcome you as you soar higher. Amethyst is known for being one of the most thoughtful crystals in the group and is the penultimate meditation tool. This glistening gem of lavender and grape color is all about washing away tension and inviting you to fill up on peace. In terms of spirituality, amethyst calms every nook of your being and inspires you to explore further and soar higher. Amethyst is the stone to use if you want to open up your crown chakra and deepen your meditation.

Close Note: Strengthen Intuition

Although current research hasn’t conclusively shown that crystals support our health and well-being, they can be a tool to strengthen your intuition and connection to the earth. Adding crystals to your collection can help you develop your practice and aid in your travels. Even if it’s a placebo effect, you might discover that using crystals while meditating helps you become more focused and at peace with yourself.

Arya Wang