How To Hurt A Man’s Ego In A Complete Guide: 17 Top Tips

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First, how to hurt a man’s ego?

Someone who enjoys blustering about their own accomplishments. A man who only views women as prizes, or as something to display to his friends.

I know that ego is important to a man but this kind of guy is really full of himself. The fact that we actually have such power over women’s egos is something that most women are unaware of.

To find out more about how to bruise a man’s ego, please continue reading.

How To Hurt A Man’s Ego?

Be Consistent

Due to the way that other people have behaved in the past, men frequently have large egos. It is crucial that you deal with egotistical men in your life consistently as a result. His actions and responses to situations need to be explained and made clearer by that consistent behavior. 

Take A Break

Because of their large egos, some men may find it difficult to understand why their behavior is unacceptable. This is why, if you are the woman in his life, it might be wise to take a temporary break from your commitment to him. 

It can provide both of you with some much-needed perspective, which can be very beneficial when attempting to resolve problems you are both currently facing. 

See Other People

It might be a good idea to go out with other guys if you’re dating a man with a big ego and the relationship isn’t yet serious. If he is the kind of man who does not enjoy being intimidated by other men, it can seriously damage his ego and make him feel out of control. His confidence will frequently be a little lower as a result of that lack of control. 

Play Hard To Get

Men with large egos won’t appreciate it when the women they are dating play hard to get, in a similar vein. They won’t really understand it because they are so confident in themselves that they will assume something is seriously wrong. He’ll probably run after something as a result. 

Insult His Job

Even if a guy downplays his job, he probably is at least a little proud of what he does, or at the very least, he doesn’t like being made fun of for it. It can be humiliating and offensive to bring up the aspects of a job that a guy dislikes or to imply that he is not important. Awesome, right?!

Compare Him To An Athlete

In this kind of comparison, no guy really comes out on top. “Wow, I don’t even know if you could catch a pitch from Zambrano!” A casual remark like that can convince a guy to stop playing video games and head straight to the gym.

Liken Him To A Musician

Men will also feel pretty humiliated if their flaws are compared to those of Mick Jagger or Bon Jovi (especially Bon Jovi, because Bon Jovi is terrible).

Liken Him To His Father

Quite a low one, this one. Regardless of whether a guy likes or dislikes his father, he most definitely doesn’t want to be compared to the scruffy old bastard. Just refer to us as Oedipus, I guess.

Mention Technical Deficiencies

I assume that women dislike it when men treat them in this way. The men in your life probably don’t like it either, so assume that they do. While the amount of time we spend fixating on our physical appearance varies from guy to guy, the majority of us are pretty sensitive about it. We don’t need to be reminded of all the ways we aren’t perfect, even though we aren’t. Mention any changes to a guy’s hairline or draw attention to some gray hairs if you want to insult his ego. He’ll also likely go bonkers if you mention any type of beer gut. Naturally, you should steer clear of these subjects if you don’t want to hurt anyone further. Shameless plug: check out You can improve your dating and relationship success by taking Sweetn’s free, scientific quizzes. Just click here!

Question His Salary

Sadly, the patriarchy has conditioned generations of men to believe that we need to be the primary provider and earn a lot of money. Although it’s ridiculous, the majority of guys still believe it. If you brag that you make more money than the guy you’re dating, unless he’s a real feminist, he’ll get annoyed. Though he may dismiss it, it will really bother him. Any displeasure you express at how much he earns, even if you don’t make more than him, will hurt his ego and sense of self-worth.

Before Other People, Correct Him

Did you not know that men are always correct? Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, but the majority of guys like to believe that we are experts in all subjects. Having this belief makes us feel good about ourselves, but it quickly dissipates when our girlfriend corrects us on something we were certain of, especially if others are present to see it. Unfortunately, that’s how guys can be at times. No amount of words could possibly capture how petty and stupid this is.

Brag About Other Men

Unless you’re mad at a guy and want to irritate him, I would never advise doing this. When you date a guy, he needs to think that you only like him and that everyone else in the world is garbage. The company line we’d like you to follow is that, although it’s obviously untrue, it is. Any compliment or indication that another guy is appreciated digs at our ego. It bothers us even if it’s a celebrity crush. The possibility that you’ll leave us for someone else can also make us feel uneasy.

How To Hurt A Man's Ego In A Complete Guide 17 Top Tips
How To Hurt A Man’s Ego In A Complete Guide: 17 Top Tips

Mention Your Ex In A Good Way

Especially if the other guy is your ex, it’s never a good idea to compare your boyfriend to another guy. Any compliments you give an ex-boyfriend actually wound our egos. If you are concerned about your current boyfriend’s feelings, it is forbidden to bring up a positive quality, share a humorous story, or even wear jewelry that your ex bought you. We need to believe that we are your first choice and that you have moved past your feelings for your ex. Our self-confidence will take a significant hit if we start to doubt that.

Talk About Past Lovers

Men detest learning about a woman’s previous relationships, especially if they are seeing her. But egotistical men will frequently gain from hearing about other men because it serves as a helpful reminder that the woman they are seeing has dated other men before, too. They are also reminded that there are other men who can make her happy, which lowers his confidence a little. 

Highlight His Issues

Women who date egotistical men would be wise to draw attention to his problems. This causes those guys to doubt themselves, which lowers their confidence level, which is typically extremely high. This strategy may not appeal to all women, but if your man is making your life miserable, it can be very helpful. 

Is trying to get him to spend time with you like pulling teeth?Understanding men’s emotions at a much deeper level will be the key to finding a solution. With a few subtle comments you can make to him, you can actually change the main reason why men behave in this way.

Stop Him In His Stride

Men with big egos frequently settle into a routine where they begin to believe their own hype. They should break that rhythm with the help of the women in their lives. 

If the man you’re dating is becoming difficult to deal with because of his irrational confidence, try doing something different that will break him out of his stride and make him reconsider believing all the compliments he is currently receiving. 

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FAQs About How To Hurt A Man’s Ego

What Happens When A Man’s Ego Is Wounded?

Many things can happen when you hurt a man’s ego. While some men won’t want to talk to you for a while after you’ve wronged them, others will be upfront about it. Make sure that your feelings are taken into account throughout the conflict, regardless of the situation. Hurting a man’s ego should not be confused with hurting his feelings. 

What Can You Do To Hurt A Man’s Ego?

It can be difficult to squash a man’s ego. Because they have unwavering self-confidence, their ego will have expanded to that point. But if you stand up for yourself sometimes and don’t always let him have his way, it might work. 

How Do You Get Your Ego Under Control?

It is difficult to destroy your ego, so you should think about why you want to. If you think your ego is giving you problems in life, try to slow down and look at things from other people’s viewpoints. Listening to others can help you manage your ego instead of destroying it entirely. 

What Can I Do So That He Truly Misses Me?

Because it will depend on the two of you and the nature of your relationship, it can be difficult to make a guy miss you. Some women learn that being difficult to get or breaking up for a while also works. 

How Do You Know If You’re Hurting A Guy?

The ways a guy expresses his hurt at being hurt by you depend entirely on the type of person he is. Some people will stop talking and isolate themselves. Others will express their suffering much more overtly, and some may even yell at you for it. You have to be attentive in both scenarios.


The article concentrated on ways to bruise a man’s ego.

These techniques will also fool women. But because women are so adept at managing their emotions, they might cause a stir in public. The attitude of any man will, however, undoubtedly be adopted by all these ploys.

Many thanks for reading.

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