How To Stroke A Man’s Ego? Tips Will Be Helpful

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To start with, how to stroke a man’s ego?

Accept his help, tell him how strong he is, and tell him he is a tough man
Give him the title of “the best Kissinger in history,” tell him you are excited to have him, compliment his muscles, call him handsome or good-looking, express your gratitude, and pledge to be his staunchest ally. Tell him you love him and feel safe with him. Make him look good in front of your friends. Make him proud of you. Make his sense that he is required. Mention how unique he is.

It’s very simple to become complacent in a relationship.

I’ll give you more specific instructions on how to boost a man’s ego.

Accept His Help & Tell How Strong He Is

You can easily boost a man’s ego by asking him to open a jam bottle for you and then telling him that only his powerful arms could have completed the task, which will make him gush with pride.

Men enjoy being told they are strong. Use even the most basic circumstances to praise him, such as when he lifts a large box or opens a box of chocolates.

Tell Him He’s A Tough Guy

Simply telling a man that he is tough and macho will do wonders for his ego. Ensure he knows you don’t consider him an alpha male. Men may not always acknowledge it, but they get pumped up when the other sex refers to them as tough, macho, manly, or raw.

Say You Feel Safe With Him

Men have a reputation for being fiercely loyal to their partners. When you tell a guy that you feel safe around him, his ego will be instantly boosted, and you’ll probably see him stand tall and proud.

No matter how muscular or thin he is, a guy will take pride in the fact that a girl feels safe with him.

Praise His Muscles

Regardless of a man’s body type, complimenting his muscles will stroke his ego and make him beam with a smile. A man can be greatly inspired when a woman compliments his body, just as body image-related issues can play a major role in a woman’s self-esteem levels.

Being praised doesn’t require a man to be ripped and muscular. Pick a specific body part and emphasize it if you believe it would be ineffective to tell a guy that he has a great body because he is either too skinny or too chubby. Tell him that he looks strong because of his forearms or that he has broad shoulders to compliment.

How To Stroke A Man's Ego Tips Will Be Helpful
How To Stroke A Man’s Ego? Tips Will Be Helpful

Award Him “Best Kisser Ever”

One of the most fundamental yet crucial physical acts in a relationship is a kiss. Inform your man that he is the best kisser ever and that all other guys should learn how to kiss a girl from him.

That you appreciate his kissing prowess so much will make your man very happy. He will secretly experience the same feelings as a young child who has just received his favorite candy.

Tell Him You Crave Him

Any affirmation of a man’s sexuality can instantly boost his ego. Tell your husband or boyfriend that you want him at an unexpected time. When a man is aware that his partner is attracted to him sexually, he immediately walks with more energy.

In a relationship, one of the things that women want from men is a display of affection and feeling, expressed through sentimental expressions like “I miss you” or “I love you.”” When considering the male ego, sexuality is a crucial component that can be exploited to boost self-assurance, pride, and respect.

Call Him Handsome Or Good-looking

The idea that only women enjoy receiving compliments on their appearance is untrue. Men enjoy receiving compliments on their appearance just as much as women do, and it gives them a boost of self-confidence.

Use phrases like: to instantly boost your husband’s or boyfriend’s ego.

  • handsome
  • hot
  • good-looking
  • sexy

The boost of confidence he needs might come from a quick compliment before entering a party or event.

Show Appreciation

Whether we want to admit it or not, all men have egos, and some of us have really BIG ones. When you are in a relationship, you need to make sure he feels like he is the center of your universe because those egos need to be stroked. You should always take the time to let him know how you feel, whether it’s about his intelligence, appearance, sexual performance, or how he treats you.

Now, I’m not saying that you ought to praise him for everything he does, every single day of the year.

I’m also not advocating that you mislead him by telling him he’s skilled in a particular area when, in reality, he isn’t. 

Contrary to popular belief, men are extremely perceptive and can detect lies. They might not feel the need to speak up, but we all know they are lying.

Be His Staunchest Ally

You ought to be your guy’s biggest fan and supporter in a relationship. By doing that, you’re developing your ability to subtly stroke a man’s ego. If he is aware that you are also by his side, he will feel more secure. It’s up to you to let him know if you disagree with something he’s doing, though. Rather than faking your support, be a real one.

Tell Him How Awesome He Is

Tell him how great he is, but do so sparingly and with force, if you want to learn how to effectively stroke a man’s ego. Don’t consistently engage in it.

He already knows that he excels at everything, including cleaning, cooking, and driving. Simply occasionally compliment him and let him know that he is an authority on a subject that matters to him. Saying that you think he’s a great driver and that you always feel safe in the car with him, for example, if he’s proud of his car and how he drives. 

Inform Him You Feel Secure Being Around Him

The goal of a man is to safeguard his partner. It almost seems like it is ingrained in his inner being. Therefore, telling him that you always feel safe and protected when you’re with him will boost your ego a lot!

To say this or make him feel this way, you don’t have to pretend to be the relationship’s weaker partner. Actually, it is more of a compliment when it comes from a partner who is strong and independent within themselves. He will truly believe that you are sincere if that is the case. Mission accomplished! 

In Front Of Your Friends, Exalt Him

Complimenting him when he’s present and your friends are also present is a great way to make him feel good, but you have to do it in an authentic way. Nearly like a peacock puffing out his feathers, that’s how it will look!

But in this case, less really is more. It is sufficient to offer one compliment and a brief justification. Don’t ramble on for too long; doing so will have the opposite effect because he might feel embarrassed.

Make Him Happy With You

This one might seem strange, but being yourself is a good way to learn how to stroke the male ego. Make him feel proud to have you around by being strong and independent. Most men don’t like being around partners who are overly dependent on them and who expect nothing in return. You also don’t want that kind of relationship.

But being authentic, pursuing your goals with tenacity, working hard, prioritizing your friend while spending time with him, and being yourself will all be advantageous to both of you.

Make Him Feel Wanted

Because we women can be so incredibly stupid at times and undervalue men for everything they do, men typically feel undervalued. things like lifting a heavy bag of groceries to the fourth floor, changing a lightbulb, opening a difficult can, and drilling a hole in the wall! We frequently view all of these tasks as trivial and ask for their assistance in completing them. But if you stop to think about it, sometimes it’s difficult to complete the “rough” work without men. Create a sense of need for him by telling him you require his assistance.

Tell Him He’s Special

A man’s ego can be boosted in one of the best ways by telling him that he is unique. Although he is undoubtedly like any other man, he enjoys hearing how unique and special he is. Despite the fact that he is similar to all other men, he is not. Men enjoy believing that they have distinguishing characteristics that make them one of a kind, just like women do. So take the time to tell him that he’s unique, and watch how that strokes his ego!

Compliment Him

How often do you tell him how much you like his new haircut, how his tie color makes his eyes pop, or how his biceps make you want to cuddle up to him and never let him go? Most women are unaware of the fact that men also appreciate compliments. Compliments have the same uplifting effect on men as they do on women, who are always cheered by a simple “you look nice.” Spend some time observing him, then compliment him with a kind word. And if you genuinely compliment him, it will certainly stroke his ego because who doesn’t enjoy their partner’s appreciation?

Buy Him A Little Something

You’re not required to always buy him extravagant gifts. Sometimes all you have to do is turn up with a small item that he uses every day, like shaving cream, a case of beer, or even a dish from one of his favorite restaurants. He will feel good about himself if you buy him these little things to let him know you are thinking of him. Always keep in mind that what matters is the thought, not how much you spend on the gift.

Speak Good Things About Him To Others

You wouldn’t believe how ecstatic a man can become when he hears you speak highly of him to others. Take his side and compliment him to the other partygoers the next time he is down and you two are together. Watch him to see how this affects his mood.


A man’s ego was the main topic of the article.

I frequently hear couples lament that their partners don’t make them feel valued or appreciated. Eventually, something that used to feel so fun and intoxicating turns into something that is mundane and routine.

You start arguing over the most ridiculously minor issues as resentment and regret take over. Even though things have started to fall apart and eyes have started to wander, the love is still there. Not because you believe your partner to be the worst person alive, but because you want the love and support he isn’t giving you.

Many thanks for reading.

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